The Village in Hatfield consists of 15 separate units with en-suite bathrooms. Guests can relax at the swimming pools on the property or take a breather in the tranquil gardens.
An English breakfast is provided in a well-appointed dining area, but visitors are also welcome to avail themselves of a self-catering option. All the accommodation facilities are equipped with flat-screen television sets, microwave ovens and fridges. We also provide free WiFi in all the rooms.

Safety is a priority

The Village in Hatfield offers secure parking, CCTV in all public areas, security fencing and a night porter for peace of mind.


The Village in Hatfield is a family business and is managed by owner, Esmé Munnik and a small group of friendly staff members.

We pride ourselves on a well run establishment where guests will feel right at home – all at a competitive price.